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Steinkruger Fills Vacancy

Dan Steinkruger has been appointed by the NRD Board of Directors to fill a Board vacancy after the passing in March of Subdistrict 8 Director Larry Hall. Steinkruger is a former Board Chair, having served on the Board from 1998 to 2009. He also chaired the Board of the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts. Steinkruger's term will expire at the end of 2018.

Subdistrict Map

They're Bitin'

Dinorath Roth, of Malcolm, recently landed this nice crappie at the NRD's Wildwood Lake. Wildwood, just four miles north of Branched Oak Lake, is the largest of eight public use lakes maintained by the NRD. Entry to all eight is free, but Nebraska hunting and fishing permits are required. Learn more HERE and have fun at the NRD lakes!

New Merganser Parking, Red Cedar Lowered

New to the NRD lakes this spring is this parking lot at Merganser Lake, one mile north and one mile east of Kramer. Find it north of the lake, just west of Stagecoach Road and SW 100th Street.

The NRD's Red Cedar Lake, six miles north and two west of Valparaiso, has a new boat ramp, but a problem with the lake's riser structure has caused the dam pipe to be re-opened, dropping the lake level until repairs can be made.


Mowing the steep slopes of Lincoln's Salt Creek Levee is a dangerous task for NRD crews each summer, but this year a remote-controlled mower is being used. It allows the operator to stand a safe distance away.

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