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Helicopter Scans

The public is advised a low-flying helicopter will be conducting aerial electromagnetic scans across eastern Nebraska at least through July. The process requires electronic equipment suspended below the helicopter to detect glacial sands and gravel, sandstone and other water-bearing materials hundreds of feet below the surface.

Learn more about the electromagnetic scans HERE!

Helicopter with Scanning Equipment

Board Reviews Budget Draft

The LPSNRD Board of Directors reviewed the first draft of the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget at its regular meeting, June 20th and public comment was encouraged. The budget process continues into August, when final consideration of the budget is expected. The public is welcomed to provide input at the July 18th board meeting, or by contacting LPSNRD. The July 18th meeting begins at 7:00 PM at the LPSNRD office, 3125 Portia Street, Lincoln.

More Information:
Draft Budget Presentation
Complete Draft Budget

Consortium Seeking Input

Public comments and suggestions were encouraged at an open house on June 19th, 2018, sponsored by the Lower Platte River Consortium, which continues to develop a basin-wide Drought Contingency Plan. You can still view handouts, see the main open house presentation and offer your questions and comments by clicking HERE.

Learn More About the Consortium

Platte River, Ashland

Subdistrict 6 Election

It is not too late to register as a candidate to represent LPSNRD's Subdistrict 6, if you live within the subdistrict (right) and you are a registered voter. Candidates may petition onto ballots or they may run for the seat as a write-in candidate. Both methods require registration with the secretary of state's office.

LPSNRD directors serve four-year terms, with one of two seats in each of 10 subdistricts elected every two years.

Enlarged Map

Subdistrict 6

Weather/Precipitation Outlook

Introducing LPSNRD's first-ever Weather/Preciptation Outlook to help farmers and other residents of the district plan activities that could be affected by drought or other weather-related conditions during the growing season. The "Outlook" is intended to be an annual guide, but will be updated as conditions warrant.

Thank you to the respected agencies listed in the document that helped to compile this custom tool.

Weather/Precipitation Outlook

Listen to Meetings!

Audio of our Board of Directors meetings is now being offered online, starting with November, 2017. Meetings are open to the public. If you couldn't make it, try our Recorded Meetings page!

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