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Weather/Precipitation Outlook

Introducing LPSNRD's first-ever Weather/Preciptation Outlook to help farmers and other residents of the district plan activities that could be affected by drought or other weather-related conditions during the growing season. The "Outlook" is intended to be an annual guide, but will be updated as conditions warrant.

Thank you to the respected agencies listed in the document that helped to compile this custom tool.

Weather/Precipitation Outlook

Schutz & Steinkruger Appointed

Anthony Schutz, an associate professor of law at UNL, is the newest LPSNRD director. Schutz was appointed to represent Subdistrict 6 (below), by the Board of Directors when they met May 16th. He was one of three applicants to fill the vacancy created when Jeremie Kerkman resigned in April, due to moving out of the subdistrict.

Kerkman was Board Treasurer when he resigned and the board also appointed Dan Steinkruger to finish 2018 in that position. He has been treasurer, as-well-as Board Chair in the past.

Anthony Schutz Dan Steinkruger
Schutz Steinkruger

Subdistrict 6 Election

New apointee, Anthony Schutz will represent Subdistrict 6 on the LPSNRD Board of Directors through 2018, then an elected candidate in the November 6th General Election will take the seat. It is not too late to register as a candidate if you live within the subdistrict (right) and you are a registered voter. Candidates may petition onto ballots or they may run for the seat as a write-in candidate. Both methods require registration with the secretary of state's office.

LPSNRD directors serve four-year terms, with one of two seats in each of 10 subdistricts elected every two years.

Enlarged Map

Subdistrict 6

Chemigation Renewals Due

Chemigators are reminded to return their renewal forms to the NRD by the end of May. Unless renewed, existing permits will expire on June 1st. Chemigation is the application of crop chemicals through an irrigation system and the practice requires an LPSNRD permit. Renewal forms were recently mailed to landowners who need to renew.

Applications for new permits can be submitted to the NRD at any time.

Chemigation Permit Application

Listen to Meetings!

Audio of our Board of Directors meetings is now being offered online, starting with November, 2017. Meetings are open to the public. If you couldn't make it, try our Recorded Meetings page!

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