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Cast Yourself into Nature

Recreation NRD lakes, trails and wetlands provide an abundance of opportunities for outdoor recreation. All are available without fees or entry permits for everyone's enjoyment.

All three trails operated by the NRD are among the best anywhere, with great rural scenery, good maintenance and excellent support by users throughout the District.  Our eight public access lakes are operated primarily for flood control, but are also enjoyed for fishing, hiking, camping, no wake boating and more.  The NRD's saline wetlands offer access to one of the rarest land types on earth.

Detailed information and rules about NRD lakes, trails and wetlands are available through interactive maps linked below. In each case, more details may appear if you zoom the map or click on a marked feature.

Rules and regulations are posted at each public access site, and fortunately most users follow them.  If you witness rule violations contact local law enforcement or the NRD at 402-476-2729.

The Nebraska Association of Resources Districts has created a listing of NRD outdoor recreation areas statewide that includes photos, maps and available activities. Handy phone apps are also available for Apple and Android.