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Tree Programs

Windbreak The NRD cost-shares with District landowners and community groups to purchase and plant trees. We also sell seedling trees to landowners at a great price through our popular Conservation Forestry program.

Conservation Forestry (seedling tree) Program - Purchase seedling trees for windbreaks and wildlife habitat. The NRD combines orders with Nebraska's 22 other NRDs to get a great price. If you order more than 200 seedling trees, you may want to take advantage of our tree planting services described in the brochure linked above. Ordering takes place from fall to spring.

The Nebraska Association of Resources Districts has created a guide to tree programs offered by Nebraska's NRDs. Conservation Trees for Nebraska includes information and photos of many of the tree and shrub species offered in our Conservation Forestry program. Handy phone apps are also available for Apple and Android.

Community Forestry Program - NRD help for various community groups to purchase trees. The NRD has cost-shared with schools, churches, neighborhood associations and many other types of groups to help them purchase trees.