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Terrace Systems, Waterways, Basins & Grass Seeding

The NRD will assist landowners with the planning, design, and cost of installing soil and water conservation practices on their property. These practices will reduce the loss of topsoil and control small gullies that contribute to the siltation of our streams and lakes.

Eligible practices include terrace systems with either grassed waterways or underground "tile" outlets, grassed waterways, diversion, water and sediment control basins, or the seeding of grass on cropland.

In addition to assisting the landowner with the planning and design of the practices, the NRD reimburses the landowner for a portion of the installation cost. The cost-share percentage paid by the NRD is typically 60% of the NRD average cost. The maximum cost-sharing amount for untargeted areas is $10,000

Contact your local USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Office to determine what soil and water conservation practices are needed and the most current information concerning this cost-share program in your county.

You local USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Office will assist you with completing your application in Butler, Cass, Lancaster, Otoe, Saunders, and Seward counties.