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Stormwater Management

The NRD's Stormwater Management Program is a joint effort with the City of Lincoln or other communities/counties in the NRD. If requested, the NRD will work closely with each community on developing plans to improve stormwater quality, reviewing proposed plans for development, or establishing regulations and permits to meet set standards.

In Lincoln, regulations require certain permits and plans to be in place before contractors can begin construction work and the NRD plays a key role in that process. These safeguards help protect adjacent landowners from sediment erosion, flooding and they help improve water quality in our streams and lakes. Besides requiring contractors to follow certain practices, the NRD, along with the City of Lincoln, also helps contractors stay aware of the latest techniques through workshops and similar events. The Best Management Practices Handbook outlines many widely accepted conservation practices for contractors.

Erosion & Sediment Control Program

Links to permits and other documents of interest to contractors can be found in our Permits & Forms section.