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Special Management Areas-Dwight, Valparaiso, Brainard

The NRD may designate special management areas where addressing current and future ground water needs fall outside the parameters for Phase One or Phase Two management areas.

Currently, the NRD has one special management area, called the Dwight-Valparaiso-Brainard Special Management Area (DVB SMA). Designated in March, 2014, following a well drilling moratorium, landowner surveys and public hearings, the DVB SMA was created as a result of reduced flows from some domestic and other small wells in the area during times of heavy irrigation. DVB SMA rules and regulations include:

  • A prohibition on new irrigated acres
  • An allocation for all certified irrigated acres: Pivot- 21 acre-inches per three years with a maximum of nine acre-inches applied in any one year; Gravity- 30 acre-inches per three years with a maximum of 12 acre-inches applied in any one year
  • Irrigators must complete a management certification class
  • Establishment of cost-share programs
  • Deeper wells to avoid seasonal water declines
  • Requirement that all new wells permits be approved by the NRD Board of Directors

Complete DVB SMA Rules and Regulations

An advisory group of stakeholders from the area helps evaluate progress and guide administration of the DVB SMA by the NRD Board.

An aerial electromagnetic survey was conducted over much of the DVB SMA in 2013 to aid management of ground water resources. Learn more and access complete data, a summary and an interactive map HERE.

Dwight-Valparaiso-Brainard SMA
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