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Phase Three

The Elmwood Community Water System Protection Area (CWSPA) was designated a Phase Three Ground Water Management Area in 2009 and is the only Phase Three area in the District. Ordinarily, under Phase Three, the NRD requires best management practices without offering cost-sharing incentives, however the NRD Board has given landowners in the Elmwood CWSPA two years to take advantage of special cost-sharing incentives that are still to be determined.

Landowners or operators who make nitrogen management decisions within designated Phase Three areas may be required to attend a Nitrogen Certification Class every four years. The NRD will correspond to determine who needs to attend.

Phase Three Rules & Regulations (quality only)

  • 80% of wells in the monitoring network must be at or above 80% of the MCL*.
  • Designation must be preceded by a two-year verification study.
  • All Phase One & Two requirements are continued.
    Regulatory action by the NRD.
  • Require implementation of best management practices, without NRD cost-share assistance.
  • Require reports of water and soil sampling.
  • Prohibit/regulate the application of any contaminant.
  • Require the use of inhibitors to prevent leaching of the contaminant.
  • Require landowners to report results of soil and water sampling annually to the NRD.
  • Review effectiveness of Phase Three annually.

*MCL - Maximum Contaminant Level - The maximum amount of a pollutant that is safe for human
consumption, as established by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.