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Classroom Presentations

Wetland in a Bag
Wetland in a Bag
To help facilitate and integrate environmental education into classrooms, the NRD offers classroom presentations on a variety of natural resource topics. Fun activities raise environmental awareness and stress the importance of conservation. Presentations are aligned to fit curriculum and state standards. Here are some examples of popular presentations. Contact the NRD to tailor a program to fit the needs of your students:

Nebraska Mammals (grades 2-5) - Through the use of skulls and pelts, students learn about native mammals, their habitats and adaptations.

Wildlife CSI (grades 4-8) - Students visit 5 wildlife "crime scenes" to investigate wildlife "crimes" using observations and critical thinking.

Incredible Journey (grades 4-6) - Acting as water drops, students learn about hydrology as they travel through the water cycle.

Ground Water Flow Model (grades 4-8) - A visual model teaches ground water basics, including point and non-point pollution.

Wetland in a Bag (grades 2-5) - By matching common objects with the wetland function they represent, students learn about wetlands.

GPS and Geocaching (grades 5-12) - Students learn about GIS and use GPS technology to find hidden caches.

Tree Trivia (grade 3)- This interactive game teaches students the importance of trees in our ecosystem and our lives.

Don't Lose Ground (grade 6) - Students learn about soil erosion and conservation in hands-on demonstrations.

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