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Ground Water
Forms and Applications

All of the NRD's ground water forms are available through this page. If you need more information to help you know what form you need, go to the main menu and click on Programs, then Ground Water.

Certify Irrigated Acres
Well Permits
Cost-Sharing Programs

Complete Ground Water Rules & Regulations

Certify Irrigated Acres

Application to Certify Irrigated Acres Outside the HCA

Application to Certify Irrigated Acres Within the HCA

The NRD is certifying all irrigated acres in the District. Allowed new irrigated acres may be limited for land within the District's designated Hydrologically Connected Area (HCA). Certification of new irrigated acres outside the HCA must still be completed, even though there are no acreage limitations. Learn more about certification of irrigated acres.

Well Permits
You will not need all of the documents below in order to obtain a well permit. If you are just beginning the permit process, begin at the top of the list, then download other documents as you determine your needs. Contact the NRD with any questions you have during the application process.

Guidance for Well Permit Applicants

LPSNRD Ground Water Reservoirs Map

Flow Chart for Well Permit Applicants

Preliminary Well Construction Permit

Aquifer Test Procedures

Ground Water Reservoir Permit to Construct a Water Well

Late Ground Water Reservoir Permit to Construct a Water Well

Supporting Documentation for LPSNRD Ground Water Reservoir Water Well Permits

Remaining Area Permit to Construct a Water Well

Late Remaining Area Permit to Construct a Water Well

Supporting Documentation for LPSNRD Remaining Area Water Well Permits

Cost-Sharing Programs

Landowners throughout the District may take advantage of NRD cost-sharing programs based on known best management practices that promote ground water quality and quantity. Whether your land is eligible for certain programs and at what cost-sharing rate depends on its location. For help knowing what ground water cost-sharing application you need, see our ground water cost-sharing page.

Ground Water Cost-Sharing Packet - Lower Salt Creek GWR

Ground Water Cost-Sharing Packet - CWSPA

Ground Water Cost-Sharing Packet - District Wide