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Board of Directors


  • 21 directors
  • Meets on the third Wednesday of each month
  • Directors serve four year terms, with half of the Board seats up for election every two years
  • Two directors are elected from each subdistrict (see maps below) and one director is elected at large
  • Board members must be a resident of the subdistrict they represent
  • A primary election is only held in a subdistrict if there are more than two candidates.
  • A Board Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected by the Board annually from among the Directors
  • The District operates with a number of standing and special subcommittees composed of 6-9 directors
  • At the discretion of the Board, citizen advisory committees may also be formed to assist the Board in dealing with specific projects or activities. Members are appointed and represent a group of people or businesses with particular interests in the project or activity.
  • Through various means, directors are kept informed about natural resource issues and activities. Every four years; latest in 2015; the NRD conducts a survey of constituent opinions and perceptions concerning natural resources and the NRD. Results of our latest Public Survey


Proposals for Board action are first taken before an appropriate subcommittee for examination and the subcommittee makes a recommendation to the Board. These subcommittees consist of six to nine Board members, appointed by the Board Chair each January. Unless specifically authorized by the Board, subcommittees serve only in an advisory capacity and do not have the authority to act on behalf of the Board.

Subcommittee meetings are open to the public, but are not governed by public meetings statutes. Subcommittees may close portions of a meeting to discuss land rights negotiations, lawsuits or legal opinions, personnel matters, or strategic recommendations, but all subcommittee actions must be taken in open session. Minutes of subcommittee meetings are kept on file in the District office and are public record.

Click here for a list of currently-scheduled subcommittee and other meetings.

Which subcommittee reviews a proposed Board action depends on the nature of the proposal. Current subcommittees are listed below and each Standing and Administrative listing is linked to information about its functions:

Standing Subcommittees:
Land Resources
Water Resources
Recreation, Forestry and Wildlife

Administrative Subcommittees:
Finance & Planning

Ad Hoc Subcommittees:
Information and Education
Integrated Management
MoPac East-Lied Connector
Platte River


You can quickly learn whether you live in the Lower Platte South NRD and, if you do, what subdistrict you live in by navigating our District Address Map to your specific home address! Simply click here or on either of the maps below and follow the directions. NRD Subdistricts are important because they determine who represents you on the NRD Board.  The ten LPSNRD subdistricts are shown, generally, on the maps below, followed by a listing of NRD Board members by subdistrict.  Again, click on either of the maps to learn the subdistrict of a specific street address.

Typically, NRD subdistrict boundaries change every ten years to reflect census figures. Boundaries last changed in 2011. Subdistrict boundaries follow voting precinct boundaries and that is another way to determine the subdistrict of your residence.  If you know what voting precinct you live in, you can check our listing of voting precincts by subdistrict.

To determine what subdistrict you live in, you may also contact the NRD with your section/township/range information if you have a rural address, or your street address if you live in town.

NRD Subdistricts
Lincoln Subdistricts

NRD Board

Don Jacobson- Subdistrict 1
Gary Hellerich - Subdistrict 1
Sarah Wilson- Subdistrict 2
Mark Spangler- Subdistrict 2
Mike Dekalb- Subdistrict 3
Vern Barrett- Subdistrict 3
Gary Aldridge- Subdistrict 4
Larry Ruth- Subdistrict 4
Greg Osborn - Subdistrict 5
Bruce Johnson- Subdistrict 5

Anthony Schutz- Subdistrict 6
Deborah Eagan- Subdistrict 6
Chelsea Johnson- Subdistrict 7
Richard Bolte- Subdistrict 7
Dan Steinkruger- Subdistrict 8
Ron Svoboda- Subdistrict 8
Milt Schmidt- Subdistrict 9
Bob Andersen- Subdistrict 9
Ray Stevens- Subdistrict 10
Karen Amen- Subdistrict 10
David Landis- At Large
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